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Bachelor's Degree

Upper Jubba University has initial phases; the following Colleges that will work in close collaboration will be established:

1: College of Education (4 Years)

  • B.Sc in  Biology and chemistry
  • B.Sc in Math and physics

2: College of Animal Science & Agriculture(4 Years)

  • B.Sc in  Veterinary Medicine
  • B.Sc in  Agriculture
  • B.Sc in  Environmental Sciences

3: College of Health Science & Agriculture(4 Years)

  • B.Sc in  Public Health
  • B.Sc in  Nursing Science
  • B.Sc in  Midwifery
  • B.Sc in  Medical Lab

4: College of Technology & Computer Science(4 Years)

  • B.Sc in  Computer science
  • B.Sc in  information technology

5: College of Economics & Management of Science(4 Years)

  • B.Sc in  Business administration
  • B.Sc in  Public administration

6: College of Sharia & Law(4 Years)

  • B.Sc in  Law
  • B.Sc in  Islamic studies
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